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Please contact Jane directly regarding any questions related to her sculpture.


She would be happy to answer questions on her existing sculpture or quote on new work.


Visit Jane's website for more pictures, descriptions and updated information.

Josephine. A bronze portraitThere is no lovelier way to capture an image of your child or loved one than a commissioned bronze portrait, or full length sculpture.


In most cases sittings for the original clay sculpture can be at the client's house, and takes about 3 days.


The clay original is taken to the foundry, where a mould is made. This can be reused if more copies are required. Bronzing and applying the patina takes approximately two to three months.


Choosing and applying the patina takes considerable skill and is an important part of the sculpture. Jane Hamilton is involved throughout the process and will work with you to make sure the finished piece has the look and feel you want


Contact Jane Hamilton for a price quote.