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Paintings from the War At Sea series

His first series, the War in the Atlantic, took seven years to complete and consisted of 84 paintings. He was determined to create an accurate account, showing the triumphs and failures of both sides. He talked to veterans and visited archives in England, Germany, USA and Japan, often altering pictures after meeting eye witnesses. This series belongs to the Imperial War Museum and was shown on H.M.S. Belfast for many years. It is now at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

The War in the Pacific, completed 5 years later, was an even greater project, consisting of 120 paintings ranging in size from 24x36" to 40x60". The collection was bought by the US Navy and is part of the Navy Art Collection at the Washington Navy Yard. Paintings are loaned to The Pentagon and other qualified borrowers. See or purchase prints of these paintings.

176 of the 204 paintings from the two series form the basis of his book The War at Sea 1939-45 (ISBN 0-7137-1660-6) which has become a collector's item.




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