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Sophia died tragically a few days before her second birthday.

Her parents wanted a sculpture to help keep her memory alive. The sculpture is life size and is mounted on one end of a bench at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, in front of the monkey exhibit- one of Sophia's favorite places to visit.

Size 23 1/2"w, 24"d, 16"h.

Sophia is reaching out to a miniture monkey. The pose originated from a photograph taken just before her death (see button 7) but was changed slightly to give more of a feeeling of movement.

This commission was an emotional and rewarding experience. Months later, it was wonderful to finally meet Sophia's lovely parents at the dedication, which was attended by over 140 friends.

Children seem attracted to the sculpture, which was always the intention. Even before the dedication speeches were over, she was surrounded by children (see dedication). The sculpture contains some of Sophia's ashes.




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